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Engineering at Drawbotics

Meet the engineering team

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The right tools for the job. We'll hook you up with the setup you need


Suggest and educate the rest of the team on software, best practices or new techs, have an impact on the stack

Side Projects

Free time every week to work on side projects, preferably with your teammates, to explore new technologies, new frameworks, or just to solve an internal dilemma


Work remotely when in need of deep work sessions

Own it

Own your features, be part of the full development process

Open Source

Contribute to open source — we own and maintain several projects

Engineer hiring

1. Application

Catch our attention by showcasing yourself, a past project or your Github account

2. HR Interview

Tell us about your career path and aspirations, let's discover if we have a match with Drawbotics' culture and team!

3. Pet project

This is your opportunity to showcase your work! We’ll provide you with a set of features and the aim of this exercise is to mimic the way our team here at Drawbotics works

4. CTO Debrief

A member of our team will foster through your code and review your work. We will then discuss possible improvements with you

5. CEO

This talk will really be about making sure your personality and mindset will fit in at Drawbotics

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