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Drawbotics launches its marketplace in North America


Brussels, Belgium


Launch in North America

Drawbotics launches its marketplace dedicated to real estate marketing in North America after a successful European campaign. The company plans to open an office in New York later this year.

A long awaited launch after a successful start in Europe

The real estate marketing startup began in Europe. After fine-tuning their marketplace and working with some of the biggest real estate companies in Europe, it was time for the company to begin their American adventure. The company has completed more than 35,000 marketing projects for over 800 clients.
Our goal, from the start, was to make marketing services as accessible as possible, both in the way we deliver them and in their pricing. The launch in America was the next logical step for us.
Xavier Claes - CEO of Drawbotics

An investment deal and creative growth hack helped the startup

A funding round with Belcube
The online marketing company struck an investment deal with the investment fund Belcube to support their launch in North America....
Drawbotics announced it secured a first round of €500K with the Belgian angel investment fund
Drawbotics was able to grow quickly throughout Europe and needed strategic and financial support to launch in the US. They definitely have the potential to become a key player in real estate marketing.
Jean Zurstrassen - Belcube
A creative growth hack to kick-start their launch
In order to kick-start the launch, the online marketing company created 3D floor plans of famous TV shows....
They quickly went viral when the project was covered by popular outlets such as Buzzfeed, Mashable and Business insider. Some actors of the TV shows even joined in on the conversation on social media. This growth hack was not only a way to put their name on the map, but actually generated revenue for the company and started the negotiation of partnerships with important brokerages.

About Drawbotics

Drawbotics is the first online marketplace dedicated to real estate marketing. The company delivers high-end marketing services to real estate agents and developers (3D renderings, floor plans, virtual home stagings, branding and more). The Belgian startup intends to make these marketing services as accessible as possible both through transparent pricing and an online ordering platform.
Executive Team
Products & Services
Meet our executive team:
Co-founder & CEO
Xavier Claes
Xavier is responsible for communicating and implementing the company's vision, mission, and overall direction. He manages key client relations & develops trusted partnerships.
Co-founder & COO
Axel Guzman
Axel is responsible for the daily operation of the company. He supervises all projects and implements the development strategy and innovation.
Stanislas Boyet
Stan is responsible for the development and management of our IT products. He contributes in all strategic decisions and implements the company’s technical strategy.

Drawbotics was founded back in 2014, when two childhood friends with a shared entrepreneurial spirit came together to bring change to the real estate industry.

The startup began in an old carpentry workshop, gradually grew in size and relocated into its first office within that first year.

In its early days, founders Xavier and Axel essentially focused on real estate agents. They then created the online platform and soon started offering services to real estate developers. Ever since, they've been focusing on implementing new features on the platform and developing new services.

Going forward, the team intends to expand the company’s activities in new regions and gradually introduce new services to real estate agents and developers.

Drawbotics introduced a new way of ordering real estate marketing tools, by creating a platform which is intuitive and easy to use. On the platform, they currently offer the following marketing services:
Photo Editing
Interactive Floor Plan
3D Interior
3D Exterior
3D Floor Plan
3D Tour
Commercial Floor Plan
Exterior Restyling
Brand ID
Custom Services
Drawbotics’ platform has been developed to fit the marketing needs of real estate professionals. The ordering process is very straightforward: all that’s required is some basic information about the promoted real estate. Prices are clearly displayed and real estate professionals are given the opportunity to make their project collaborative by sharing it with other stakeholders. Once the visuals are completed, they can simply download them via their personal dashboard.
Drawbotics is active in the real estate marketing industry, which is divided in two categories: the new developments market and the existing real estate market. The total estimated size of this market is over $10 billion. Therefore, Drawbotics has a variety of competitors, from real estate technology firms such as Matterport and Diakrit to 3D studios and communication agencies.

The concept behind Drawbotics is to combine the best of all these worlds into one, easy to use, online one-stop shop. By specializing in real estate promotion, they ensure that all the needs of the real estate industry, both for developers and real estate agents are met.

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